Monday, 6 August 2018

Why India afraid of Pakistan ?

India afraid of Pakistan because:
  • According to Global Firepower Index, Pakistan ranks as the 13th most powerful military in the world. And India ranks as the 4thmost powerful.
  • Pakistan is having Active Military Personnel 6 lakh but India is having more than 13 lakh.
  • Pakistan is having Budget of only $ 7 billion but India is having just 8 times of what Pak have.
  • Pakistan is having total tanks of about 2924 but India is having 2.5 times of what Pak have.
  • Pakistan is having total Aircraft 914 but India is having 1905.
  • Pakistan is having submarines of about but India is having 15.
  • Pakistan is having Zero destroyer but India is having 11.
  • Pakistan is having Merchant Marine Strength of about 11 but India is having 340.
  • Pakistan is having Manpower Strength of about 9.5 Crore but India is having 62 crores.
  • Compare the Area also

  • India is about 4 times of Pakistan.
And still India Afraid of Pakistan. This is the joke of the centuries. 4 Times war happened and History is known to us very well.

# Give Respect And Take Respect

Jai Hind


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